Your own number

Telroom can provide you with a unique phone number for easy teleconferencing.

Save and share it

Save the number in your contacts list and share it with your colleagues and friends.

No annoying codes

Telroom doesn’t use any hard to remember access codes or passwords. This guarantees a fast and hassle-free conferencing experience.

World-wide access

Your number is accessible anywhere on earth.


Telroom is a no-nonsense teleconferencing service with a lot of advantages.

  • Only low cost phone bills.
  • No pin codes or passwords.
  • Accessible world-wide
  • Save your number in your contacts like you’d normally do.
  • Receive a summary of your conference after you finish the call. This includes the duration of the call, the participants and an audio recording.


Telroom is a free service at the moment. We're planning on introducing payment plans in the future, but for now you can enjoy our service completely free of charge! When we'll introduce our payment plans you'll still keep the low phone bills from the free period.


Apply for your very-own Telroom number today.